The Personal Ego – 1

Hello, I’m Derrick Reither and welcome to my first blog.

I have chosen this theme as the meaning of the term “personal ego” is widely misunderstood. How many people would understand the meaning of the word ‘ego’ in its true overall sense?

For some time now I have been aware that one’s “personal ego” if not well supervised and controlled, can be more of an obstruction than a help in our business and personal lives.

We don’t have to look too far to see examples of ego’s out of control when: 

  • Observing debates that include all political party leaders.
  • Marital and other relationship problems.
  • Religious fanaticism,

and listening to world leaders provoking each other into arguments that could one day lead to a world war!

When we use the word ‘ego’ in its everyday usage, it is generally taken to mean that self-pride is the culprit!

However, the word ‘ego’ covers a lot more than that. It virtually means all of a persons thoughts, the feelings that flow from those thoughts, and the bodily reactions to those. To understand the ego’s nature,  we must gain some idea of how it is formed:

  • Firstly, as babies, we come already endowed with a personality uniquely our own.
  • As we undergo life experiences and guidance from parents, other family members, authority figures, relationships with others, we form likes and dislikes about a wide range of thoughts.
  • Our “feelings”, in particular, have a huge bearing on how we tend to process them into mental  compartments such as –

“this is bad, this is good, this is so-so”!

General attitudes develop with age as we attempt to make sense of our own self-worth and emotional security in line with our dreams, and finding our place in the world around us.

This involves a range of thoughts and feelings about ourselves, other people, relationships, religion, politics, race, colour, culture, the business world and earning a living, and the world in general.

Habitual thoughts and feelings of the ‘ego’ can be either quite negative, or positive, according to the ‘story-line’ it has created as,

  • It feels emotionally insecure.
  • It needs to keep bolstering and justifying itself to others.
  • It knows it has no real basis upon which it has built its opinions and beliefs!

This can develop into a general ‘belief system’ which is:

  • either tolerant of others and their differing points of view.
  • or a complete rejection of others views, including the ‘need’ to win arguments or debates to prove itself to others and itself!

Since our opinions and beliefs have developed from our personal reactions to experiences we have undergone in life so far, we can only see that “which we think is correct”, or would like to believe is “reality” itself!

Learning to stand aside from our own ingrained thoughts and feelings, can open our minds to higher more intuitive inspirational thoughts and feelings, and enable us to understand and feel the ‘reality of life’ as it is!

A saying from Albert Einstein comes to mind which is quite profound:

“Intuition is a sacred gift, and the intellect is its faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant, and has forgotten the gift’!

Tune into the next blog in which we will discuss the more positive aspects and potential of one’s ‘personal ego’!

Comments are welcome,

Kind thoughts, Derrick