An Awakening to Life’s Journey


A light-hearted view of the Author’s, as to our final spiritual assessment!

A man was driving down a main highway doing 110kph thinking of the jobs he needed to do on his arrival at home, when out of the corner of his eye, he saw a car veering out of control from the other direction and heading straight for him! Not having time to swerve to avoid it, suddenly there was a ‘Bang’ & just blackness! After a while, the blackness began to dissipate and he became aware of a ‘silhouetted being’ and a voice that said – Welcome home stranger! And what did you learn down there?

Oh quite a lot really, I was very busy searching for the truth about life. Oh that’s wonderful, said the voice – yes he said I studied philosophy, and all the great philosophers, all good intellectual stuff, and I even learned about the Buddha! Oh that’s even better came the reply. I took in all the information I could. Apart from that, I researched all the major religions as well. Sounds good, said the voice. So what did you learn from that? Well, I learned there was a God, but found most of the religions were too busy pushing their barrow! That didn’t grab me too much! I even studied the basics of logical thinking, science, mathematics! Through mathematics, they were even able to fly a manned spaceship to the Moon, and a probe to Mars and who knows eventually outside our solar system, we might even find some friendly neighbours! I thought that was really something! Wow said the voice, you have been busy. And tell me, did you learn anything about compassion and patience? Oh yes he replied, I was very loving towards my family and friends, and those that were in tune with my way of thinking. Oh that’s really good, the voice replied. Mind you he continued, some were a pain in the ‘you know what’, even the odd family member, he added! Oh and what about everyone else? said the voice, did you show them any love and patience? No not really, they were a pretty ordinary lot. Would you believe many of them thought they’d been put on Earth to follow their own favorite football team! How dumb is that? Ooh came the reply, sounding a little taken aback! And did you try stilling your mind and rising above your ego at all? Yes I tried some Buddhist and Yoga meditation, but all this information I’d learned about everything was going round and around in my head, and kept getting in the way! The more I tried to still my mind, the more these thoughts just kept on coming and coming. In fact I found that the hardest of all. Oh answered the voice, not very impressed! Yes, but I was impressed by the way the Buddha was and other Yogis were able to do that! he retorted. Well, said the voice, we have many levels of enlightenment and compassion here, we grade and allot people according to that! The man felt a little apprehensive about this, and asked, h how many levels are there? The reply came – 21 levels. Then continued. Have you heard the saying – ‘There are many mansions in thy Father’s house’? Oh yes he replied, the voice replied, on each level there a thousands of mansions, which made the man a bit nervous. Then beginning to tense up the man stammered, wh what level will I be allotted to? Oh in a moment, an attendant will come and take you down to level 4! Oh my god, the man thought to himself. After all the studies I’ve undertaken and with all I’ve learned, surely it should have earned me a higher status! Then as the attendant arrived he asked the voice, incidentally, what level is the Buddha on? Oh he’s on level 21, came the reply where all the fully compassionate and enlightened souls are situated! Oh goodness, the man exclaimed. And what do I do on level 4? Oh don’t be too disheartened it said. The whole of level 4 has just been granted the opportunity to go back down there and try again! Isn’t that wonderful and exciting, said the voice? Then as the man was led away, he thought to himself – I’m glad you think so!

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