The Power of Attraction

Compassion in action is ‘genuine caring’ for others, that has a seemingly enormous magnetic power of attraction not just with human beings, but animals and other forms of life as well!’

Even science is aware of the attraction of atoms to atoms, cells to cells to create other organisms and life forms!

This attractive force which seems to be intrinsic to own own human nature, is the most potent of all subtle forces because it asks nothing from others or other forms of life.

It is not ‘bogged down’ with thoughts and feelings of receiving something back in return, and because of this, is free to flow unimpeded towards its goal!

Most people would agree that this power of attraction is a definite reality in our lives, because we can think of so many examples of how subtly this works in bringing both what we want or don’t want into our lives when we least expect it.

The acceptance of this force in our lives has filtered through into our normal speech through sayings such as: ‘Birds of a Feather Flock Together’, or another way of putting it – ‘Like thoughts attract, unlike thoughts repel each other’.

I have seen many examples of this in relationships particularly where couples seem so different or so unlikely a match. However, there still seems to be a connection on some level between them. It could be on a spiritual, intellectual, emotional or physical level, but strong enough for the attraction to work!

In many cases, how did it happen when someone from another Country meets their ideal ‘Soul Mate’ from some other Country on a chance meeting? Imagine the enormous odds of that happening!

This attractive compelling force seems to work more noticeably below the plane of consciousness in alignment with our deepest feeling and desires – whether positive or negative. If a person chooses to play the victim in their thought and feeling world, or through lack of self-confidence, develops the habit of assuming negative outcomes, it will most likely draw to them other negative people, and things continually going askew in their daily lives!

So what does that tell us? It seems that this attractive energy is focused through us, and guided by our own choices and belief system, as to what is magnetically attracted to us in our lives!

Example: Have you been thinking of someone you haven’t seen or had contact with for years, and then a few days later just bumped into them in a crowded place? Again, what are the odds of that occurring when just a second or two made the difference in seeing or not seeing them! Or been thinking of someone, and you get a phone call from them soon after!

There are obviously countless examples to which we can all relate, but even the most skeptical would be hard put to deny the existence of such an underlying powerful force.

In reality, everything is in a state of vibration. When we send forth a more serious thought/feeling vibration on a deeper subconscious or surface level, it seems to magnetically  attract what ever it is back to its original source. Therefore, we need to think carefully before we put something out there!

What do you think?

Derrick Reither



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