The Universal Religion

There is only one all Loving, all Knowing, all Powerful, ‘Ever-Present Universal Consciousness’ that creates, supports, sustains, supplies and illuminates us as human-beings, as well as all other forms of life!

As human-beings, our highest concept of God should be totally inclusive, universal and impersonal, accepting each person as being one in Spirit with ourselves, and neither favouring any specific belief system, or personal egoic views other than there being only One Universal Consciousness, Creator, and One Universal Truth!

This Universal Force is the same force that brought us into this world, and the same loving force that will take us safely out out this world again into a much greater reality from whence we came – when it is our time! It’s understanding is beyond our limited ‘time-space thinking’, and has unlimited freedom of expression through the focused desire or will of each and every human being!

God the ‘Greater Flame’ focused as the ‘spark of Spirit’ within each of us, is a constant underlying consciousness which is beyond all thought and feelings as we know them!

Most past and present day religions rely on a belief in a ‘personal god’ which is generally related to the enlightened being or messenger who originally brought forth those teachings. If each current orthodox religion continues to believe that they are representing the only true ideology, they are actually isolating themselves from understanding Reality and Universal Truth, and whether aware or not, are ‘silently’ at war with other belief systems, even if they profess to accept the essence of their teachings!

Unfortunately, the majority of human beings have been so subtly seduced by idealism, materialism and attachment to their physical body shape, size and looks, by having allowed their consciousness to focus so deeply on these things, they have forgotten that they are in reality a Spiritual Being!

Do you know where the term ‘human-being’ came from? Two Sanskrit Words – ‘Hu’ and ‘Manas’. ‘Hu’ meaning ‘of the Spirit’ and ‘Manas’ meaning ‘Mind’. Therefore, a human-being, is a ‘Spirit-Thinking Being’!

To rise above the urges of one’s personal ego, it is essential to develop the Will and Skill to ‘stand back’ and just observe like a scientist, the fluctuations of one’s mind as they arise in cycles as thoughts, feelings and bodily distractions, and then use your Will to out-wait them until reaching a state of inner silence and stillness. This practice over time, helps to open up a connection to one’s higher intuition and inner guidance.

Earlier theosophical teaching leaned towards ‘killing out’ the ego which did not make sense – as we need our ego as a personal vehicle through which to think, emote, aspire and create on the physical level! The objective is not to annihilate the ego, but to refine and transform it into a useful vehicle of expression in our outer world!

If one wishes to develop a fruitful, harmonious relationship with other individuals and groups, either on a personal or business level – then Honesty must come first before a sufficient amount of Trust can develop between parties and hopefully eventuate in Loyalty! Also – caring, humility, and being true to your word, are essential in the development of ‘Trust’.

When a human-being becomes aware of the difference between their True Spiritual Consciousness and the nature of the mind in motion, it enables them to see all other people in a similar light to themselves –  all originating from the same source, and part of a much greater Universal Family. This understanding naturally promotes an attitude of humility, goodwill, forgiveness, and tolerance towards all forms of life regardless of their personal beliefs and outer form, and a heart-felt desire to be of service to one’s fellow man!

Sincerely,  Derrick Reither

(PS: Still engaged in the process of transforming his own personal ego into something of value to others!)



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