The Power of Stillness

How many people would understand the pleasure of knowing what it means to be mentally, emotionally and physically “still” for even a moment of time?

Most days, we seem to be caught up in the daily hustle and bustle of life, and if not taking time out for ourselves, we become like a car engine constantly revving under varying degrees of stress! Either from striving to achieve things that are important to us, caring for others, or unconsciously falling into the trap of allowing doubts, worries and fears to dominate our minds.

Rest and sleep are necessary to re-charge the mind and body, but there is an extra feeling of power over the situation which arises when we become conscious of being inwardly still, and at peace within ourselves!

We have been taught from childhood that education is the key to success in the material world, which is true to a certain degree. However, what is not taught so much is the over-riding importance of believing in yourself, and being true to that innate belief!

There is a place of inner stillness and silence within every human being, which is the very source of their own empowerment.

It is a powerful force, we don’t have to strive to find it, it is already a part of ourselves. We just need to recognise it, believe in it, and live in it! It resides in a dimension beyond our normal everyday thinking!

Unfortunately, it is the constant uncontrolled inner self-talk, and cacophony of inharmonious noise produced by our own personal desires and fears that haunt us more often than not, and in the process destroy the pleasurable experience of just enjoying the present moment!

Our “thinking self” has a need to label everything, thereby shutting off our feeling of attunement with maybe the ‘smell of a rose’, or just experiencing the grandeur of nature in ‘the moment’!

The moment we allow ourselves to analyse and think about a rose, or the magnificence of a vast sky or great ocean, we lose the ability to feel ourselves at one with it!

One thing that is quite concerning in our current society, is the ingrained tendency of youth to indulge in overly loud music seemingly oblivious to the harm they not only inflict on their ear-drums and nervous systems, but with even more subtlety, build up a fear of entering into that quiet inner space of silence and stillness!

What do you think?

Derrick Reither



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