A Thank You To Jesus

As it is Christmas day today, I was moved to say something about the real meaning of Christmas, which is to celebrate the birth of Jesus, apart from the over commercialized aspect in today’s world.

Jesus is the greatest teacher the world has ever seen or known, which may be disputed by some other religious teachings, but nevertheless his works speak for themselves!

Firstly, because he was the first Spiritual teacher to direct our attention to the fact that “the Spirit Of God is within you”!

No other teacher taught that as explicitly as he! Which implied that our Human Spirit is connected to the greater Universal Spirit! And that Universal Spirit or ‘God The Father’ as he called it, is all loving, all knowing, all powerful and ever-present in the life of every human being!

Secondly, because his personal life exemplified 100% Faith in God, and total Unconditional Love for humanity!

Jesus’s main mission was to establish a New Testament which exemplified a Loving God – not the fearful “hell-fire and brimstone” teachings of the Old Testament. (Of course, fear of retribution was always an effective way to keep people under control!)

He “did not” preach that God would honour you for killing, maiming or torturing other human beings in his name if thought to be blasphemous, or in some way dispute his teachings, in fact he taught the opposite, which is to ‘forgive’ and show compassion to those who seek to hurt in thought, word or deed!

Only those who wish to control others for their own selfish intent, or religiously naive, over-emotional, fanatically minded individuals would attempt to bring the teachings of goodness and kindness down to their own petty limited human beliefs, and take out of context his simple loving, and direct teachings.

Jesus taught that God’s love of humanity is totally unconditional, and applies to every race, colour, creed, or culture regardless. Also, that we should ‘love our neighbour’ as we love our own self, and ‘Do unto others as we would have them do unto us’! (A simple formulae for world peace!)

However, the human ego is strong and willful, and mostly wants to believe its own”deep set opinions’, sometimes in the extreme misguided belief that aggressive behaviour towards others who do not share those ideals, is actually sanctioned by God!

At the tender age of 13, Jesus already recognized that he was about his “Father’s work”! The Christian Bible mentions nothing about his life between the ages of 13 and 30 years. However, some earlier theories suggest in that time, he was taken to foreign lands such as India, Egypt and Tibet to study under the greatest mentors of that time, who gave him wise counsel until he achieved manhood to fulfil his divine mission for humanity.

At age thirty, he began his ministry on earth announcing that he was the “The Son of God”! In the three intense years that followed, his direct guidance and selfless actions had a profound effect on the minds and hearts of those who were open to his teachings through his chosen disciples, and to us 2,000 years later!

To cement the belief of his followers, he performed some seemingly miraculous healing works, even the bringing forth of ‘Lazarus’ from the dead!

Even on the day he was to be sentenced to death, he was asked by the then Roman Governor – Are you the Son of God?, to which he replied “I AM”, which of course was interpreted by the clergy and the peopleĀ  as a blasphemous statement from him, when he was actually stating with full awareness, his connection with his Creator or in his terms “God The Father”!

Today his teachings stand as firm as ever, although there are some who for their own shallow reasons, seek to defame and degrade him and his works!

He gave us Hope, he showed us the Way, he gave us the Truth! He came to us as a shining light at a time when all of humanity had lost their way stumbling in the dark, having lost sight of their true Spiritual Heritage. He came to remind us of what we had forgotten! Finally, on his death and subsequent resurrection, he showed us that the death of the body is nothing but the shedding of the outer husk as we re-enter the World of Spirit, and ever-lasting life!

Even today, many people are just beginning to understand and appreciate the simple essence of his teachings, and their practical value in coping with our modern, materialistic way of life!

I wish everyone a loving, peaceful and safe Christmas!