Noise Pollution

How many people these days think about the general noise level when we are out and about, in shopping centres, restaurants, cafes, heavy transport vehicles in suburban streets, motor cycles, ear-piercing fire brigade alarms, ambulance sirens, and work on construction sites, even though some are necessary?

Unfortunately, these are the unpleasant disturbing sounds that assail our ears with regular consistency, which are a part of our every day modern life, and will become increasingly worse as the population grows.

Are we aware of the side effects of the ‘total level of vibration’ on our overall physical and mental health? Actually, there is a decibel noise level standard set by law which is a maximum 85 decibels and anything over.

Did you know that ‘sustained loud noise’ effects the hair cells in the inner ear leading to significant hearing loss? Try telling this to young people wearing “Walkman Players”right up against their ears, and attending rock groups in concert!

Also, most of us have been subjected whilst driving, to single or groups of motor cycle riders deliberately over revving their bikes, and hoons driving hotted-up utes and cars, which gives a rude shock to one’s whole nervous system, and is dangerous to the health of both the elderly and young children in particular.

However, it seems to me that the ‘overall continual vibration’ from all this noise is doing our hearing and nervous systems severe damage over the course of time, and no government institutions or health companies seem to be coming up with any practical solutions to offset some of the excessive unnecessary noise!

Of late, there is another problem emerging which will come from ‘drones’ multiplying in number, which if not strictly controlled by government, will add to the overall problem.

Some people I have met along the way have mentioned how badly they suffer from sharp noises and prolonged heavy sound vibrations.

Maybe the government of the day should give this growing health problem the due attention it should receive!

Is Solar, Battery or Nuclear power the answer in some circumstances, and as well, a  ‘crack-down’ on irresponsible raucous behaviour?

What do you think? I’d be interested in your comments!

Kind thoughts, Derrick