The Ego and its Potential

In my previous blog, I mentioned ways we relate to our ‘personal ego’.

There is also a positive side to one’s personal ego – if used in the right way! 

Each human being has been given  ‘free will’ to think as we see fit, and therefore, we have the choice to think and behave as a force for ‘good’, or in a selfish, self-centred manner!

  • If one chooses the ‘good’, the mind is open to ‘inspiration, creative thinking, and being helpful to others.
  • If one chooses the other, one is drawn towards ‘materiaIism and self-serving behaviour.  

Of most importance, is the ‘Motive’ behind the thought which makes a significant difference, as each emits its own particular “Quality and Vibration”.

Often we hear people refer to the ‘vibes’ we pick up from others, or the environment around them. Most people have an instinctive reaction to ‘warmth or coldness’ coming from people they have met. I have heard some say that certain people “give them the creeps”, or their ‘vibes’ are awesome! The fact is that people can express the same thoughts, but with opposing motives, and emit totally different vibrations!

For instance, both may say: “I really wish to help you”!  One with an underlying intention to extract money or take control of you!  And the other with a genuine intention to really help you! So each will emit a significantly different quality of vibration!

The mind is a subtle, powerful vehicle of expression, and few if any educational institutions have taught us how to use it properly, so it is important that we learn to use it ‘wisely’!

When we learn to give of ourselves without expecting anything in return, we set in motion a powerful, and subtle, attractive force which is unstoppable to achieve its goal!

Example: A few years ago on holiday in the USA, I met a young 19 year old man. He told me he gave his parents hell in his early teens, in and out of detention for stealing cars, personal belongings, drugs and alcohol many times before he decided to turn his life around. Then he told me he voluntarily looked for psychological guidance and was now a self-taught jazz pianist, and to me a great example of a special caring and creative human being.

You see it works if we are really committed to making a change!

If we don’t give our mind a purposeful direction to serve others, it can easily “sink below the waves” of goodwill, decency, and inspired creativity, and become enmeshed in an under-current of base uncontrolled thoughts and emotions, materialism and selfishness!

It’s up to us – our choice!

Comments welcome,

Kind thoughts, Derrick

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