Mindfulness & Being Aware Of Being Aware!

Mindfulness has become the ‘buzz word’ in psychological circles, and is essential in developing concentration.

  • Mindfulness is keeping one’s attention centered in the present moment!
  • Lack of Mindfulness, leads to being led astray by any passing thought or feeling!

Many business people and office workers confirm they have trouble keeping their minds focused even for a short period of time!

  • Practicing mindfulness in everyday situations, strengthens our ability to focus without the mind wandering off!
  • It also strengthens memory re-call!

However, there is another level of awareness or consciousness which is aware of one’s thought and feeling processes, which is not caught up in ‘time-space thinking’ on the personal level.

  • It is the ‘ever-present overseer’ in the background at all times.

When a person realizes there is a difference between this ‘Real Unchanging Self’ and the workings of the mind, their whole understanding of themselves, others, and the world around them will undergo a significant change.

  • Instead of feeling ‘imprisoned’ by the continual doubts, worries, fears and desires of the lesser self, there comes a growing understanding that these issues are only a small part of the ‘total you’, and are directly associated with how emotionally secure or insecure you feel moment to moment in your personal-self.

Putting it another way, there are two selves:

  • The “I” or “me” we refer to everyday, is our personal self at work.
  • The other “I” is that part of us which is the ‘ever-present observer’ of the movement going on within the mind.

The biggest problem for a person wanting to change their thinking in a meaningful way,

  • Is the already deeply ingrained habits of thinking and accompanying feelings, which  contribute to their ‘general belief system’, and act as a block to open-minded thinking!

The practice of Meditation can help overturn this problem by re-directing one’s attention inward, towards a deeper understanding of that which lies beyond the continual fluctuations within the mind itself!

  • The main goal in Meditation is on holding the mind steady, with the aim of just ‘letting go’ all mental and emotional distractions, by ‘out-waiting’ them.
  • Without feeding them, they will ‘fall away’ by themselves through your lack of attention, leaving you with a feeling of inner peace and calmness previously unknown to you!

When I was a lot younger, I found this practice quite difficult with thoughts continually distracting my focus of attention, but with persistent practice, it came easier. I found however, the use of visual imaging together with an affirmation such as: “I am a Sun looking down upon the clouds of thought and feelings passing by”, or mentally stating the words “I am”, or the use of question form “who am I”?, helped to re-center my attention when the mind had wandered off!

Just remember this:

  • When you call yourself “I”, you are really stating the reality of your existence.
  • When you say – “I am”, it means this “I” lives in the now”!
  • If you say – “I am – this or that”, you are creating a mental image of what you want to believe is yourself, or want to become!
  • Once you realize the power of the words “I AM” as a statement of fact, no longer will you allow your outer self to dominate you! In fact you will be amazed at the increase in self-confidence that will come to you!

I was quite surprised recently when Prince Harry opened the ‘Invictus Games’ which motto emphasized the words “I AM” as a powerful  affirmative statement for the disabled athletes!

  • Instead of ‘hoping’ your dreams will come true, you can with the use of ‘powerful positive affirmations’, give your dreams a much better chance of becoming a reality.

Meditation is important in everyone’s life, as it allows you to ‘switch off your thinking machine’, and ‘feel out’ the ‘Real You’ in that special place of peace and stillness!

I offer these thoughts as a help to anyone who is seeking to ‘find themselves’ amidst the many distractions of modern everyday living!

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The Ego and its Potential

In my previous blog – Understanding the Ego, I mentioned ways we relate to our ‘personal ego’.

There is also a positive side to one’s personal ego – if used in the right way! 

Each human being has been given  ‘free will’ to think and feel as we see fit, and therefore, we have the choice to think and behave as a force for ‘good’, or in a selfish, self-centred manner!

  • If one chooses the ‘good’, the mind is open to ‘inspiration, creative thinking, and being helpful to others.
  • If one chooses the other, one is drawn towards materiaIism and self-serving behaviour.  

Of most importance, is the ‘Motive’ or Intention’ behind the thought which makes a significant difference.

Let’s say two people offer to help you. One with the intention of genuinely wanting to help, and the other who’s intent is either to control or take advantage of you. The same outer talk, but with totally different underlying energies!

Often we hear people refer to the ‘vibes’ we pick up from others, or the environment around them. Most people have an instinctive reaction to ‘warmth or coldness’ coming from people they have met. I have heard some say that certain individuals “give them the creeps”, or their ‘vibes’ are awesome! The fact is that people can express the same thoughts, but with opposing intentions, and emit totally different vibrations!

The mind is a subtle, powerful vehicle of expression, and few if any educational institutions have taught us how to use it properly, so it is important that we learn to use it ‘wisely’!

When we learn to give of ourselves without expecting anything in return, we set in motion a powerful, subtle, attractive force which is unstoppable in achieving its goal!

Example: A few years ago on holiday in the USA, I met a young 19 year old man. He told me he gave his parents hell in his early teens, in and out of detention for stealing cars, personal belongings, drugs and alcohol many times before he decided to turn his life around. Then he told me he voluntarily looked for psychological guidance and was now a self-taught jazz pianist, and to me a great example of a special caring and creative human being.

You see it works, if we are really committed to making a change!

If we don’t give our mind a purposeful direction, it can easily become as a ‘derelict ship with a broken rudder, floundering in the the ocean of life’!

It’s up to us – our choice!

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